Welcome to Ontario Educators Association (OEA)


We are a group of almost 2000 members of the education sector representing 60 school Boards across Ontario. Our members include: Teachers, Early Childhood Educators, Educational Assistants, Librarians, Custodians, Support Workers, and Administrators. We are working together to support each other, as we continue to oppose the mandates currently being forced upon staff and students.

We are an association that connects our members to others in their school board, to take action specifically related to their board and region.


Our goal is to unite as many members of the education sector from across Ontario to ensure our voices are heard, as we work together to oppose the mandates to protect the well being and education of our students. We are also striving to protect our employment while maintaining medical privacy.


We are directing and supporting our members as they take various actions to resist the mandates being imposed across the Province. Members are filing grievances with unions, filing complaints with the Ontario Labour Relations Board (OLRB), filing criminal charges, filing complaints with Ontario Privacy Commissioner, and other legal actions.

Additionally, we are collaborating with and supporting the initiatives of other groups who are also opposing the mandates being placed on all Canadians.

If you are in the Education Sector and are feeling alone, reach out and join OEA.

Please email us at oeaenroll@protonmail.com for an intake form.

Ontario Education Workers against Coercion and Discrimination.

We are educators united in fighting for our Human Rights against Tyranny.

We are looking for like minded individuals who work in any capacity within the publicly funded education sector. Should you want to join our group as we continue to defend you with resources and support please email us.

Please contact us by email: OEAACD@protonmail.com

We are on Instagram: OntarioEducatorsAssociation:

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